About Us

Hello, and welcome to Know Your Flowers. This is a place where a bunch of flower- lovers have come together. And we could not have found a better name for a website where we want the world to, well, know more about flowers. 

Flowers are not just something we learn about in our biology class, as they are so much more than the colorful part of a plant to attract bees and hummingbirds. They speak a language, through their color – through their whole appearance, and it’s not always what you may think it would be. For example, can you believe that the flower impatience symbolizes ‘motherly love’ and not ‘impatience’?  

So, the sole purpose of Know Your Flowers is to help people understand the symbolism each flower, and each color carries. Being aware of this comes in handy when gifting flowers too, as then your recipients will never get a wrong message.  

The website is still a work in progress, and we keep adding more and more flower profiles. We also have a bunch of ideas for flower arrangements for amateur ‘florists’ so they don’t have to stop at just know what flowers mean. Happy learning!