Amaryllis Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Amaryllis Flower Mean

The stunning, gorgeous amaryllis is associated with Greek mythology, having a tale of futile love linked with it. Amaryllis, a beautiful maiden, possessed a strong sense of affection towards Alteo, a shepherd, who had Apollo’s good looks and Hercules’ strength. He had put on a strange and challenging condition for his to-be life partner. Being an anglophile, he decided to give his heart to the maiden who could bestow upon him the most unique flower that he never saw before.

Amaryllis was hell-bent on winning over him and went through several adversities to fulfill the desires of the man whom she loved the most. She followed the Oracle of Delphi’s guidance and did all odd things, from standing for 30 nights outside Alteo’s door to piercing a golden arrow into her heart repeatedly. Her perseverance paid off, and on the final day, a lovely flower bloomed out of the blood, shed from her heart, but she did not live to see her efforts bear fruit.

Because of Amaryllis’ undying efforts and perseverance to win her love, which finally turned futile, this flower alludes to unrequited love and also symbolizes dedication and determination with which one may overcome all obstacles.

What Do the Different Colors of Amaryllis Symbolize

Though red and white are the most standard colors, you can spot a yellow, pink, orange, or purple amaryllis. Each of the shades has its symbolism, and the given guide would help choose the perfect color as per the occasion.


Red epitomizes love, and this flower also means the same since it blossomed out of Amaryllis’ blood. So, to express your love for your partner or spouse or even someone you secretly admire, what could be more special than red amaryllis. If there is someone who never reciprocated your love, gifting these flowers may send a message to them, if they understand its meaning at all. Since it is also perceived as a good luck charm in China, you could even give it to someone as an ‘all the best’ gesture.

Decorating your home with these flowers would also stand unique since they represent beauty in many regions of the world.

When to gift these: Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and also to wish good luck


Purple is synonymous with royalty, and this flower justifies the general meaning of the color. Gifting them to someone you consider special and unique would for sure reflect how much you admire and adore them. Purple amaryllis also stands for spirituality, serving as unique decoration flowers on any religious occasion. While going to meet a pal who has perhaps started walking on the spiritual path, taking a bunch of purple amaryllises would completely rejuvenate his or her mood.

When to gift these: On religious occasions or as a welcome gift to someone special visiting your home


The innocence and spirituality of white reflect in these beautiful flowers, mostly given to loved ones on their last journey to the heavenly abode. When arranging a condolence meeting for the deceased, filling your home with these lovely flowers would go with the melancholy ambiance.

When to gift these: Funeral, memorial services


Yellow is synonymous with happiness and good luck. To uplift your loved one’s mood, giving them a bunch of yellow amaryllises would undoubtedly work wonders. Arrange a few of them in your vase and see how much it brightens the surroundings of your home.

When to gift these: Birthdays, promotions, wishing good luck or as a ‘get well soon’ or ‘cheer up’ gesture to someone who is not in the best of their spirits.


Orange amaryllis carries the mood of yellow, representing good health and happiness. To cheer up an ailing or unhappy friend, these orange flowers would do magic.

When to gift these: Birthdays, anniversaries or any happy occasion


Though pink is a woman’s favorite, amaryllis of this color is meant for both genders since it stands for friendship. Not just your pals, you could gift to anyone with whom you share an excellent camaraderie, like your colleague, parents, grandparents, or anyone else.

When to gift these: Friendship day, parent’s day grandparent’s day or on any other occasion to exhibit your bond of friendship with your near ones


Though rare, blue amaryllis is a reflection of peace, freedom and wisdom. So to congratulate someone of their success, or send best wishes for an endeavor they have undertaken blue amaryllis would stand perfect, if you manage to get hold of them.

When to gift these: On housewarming parties to wish peace and happiness, and as a congratulatory gift to someone on their success

From expressing your love to wishing someone well, amaryllis flowers with their elegance and charm stand suited for every occasion. Arranging them on the table with other flowers will intensify your home’s décor fully.

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