Camellia Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Camellia Flower Mean

Camellia flowers, big and bright coming in different colors, stand out for their appealing look and the meaningful significance associated with them. The primary meanings linked to camellia include admiration, faithfulness, perfection, love, and devotion.

In China, its country of origin, the flower stands for eternal love signifying the strong bond uniting two lovers. The female’s petals are strongly held by the calyx or the leady green part symbolizing the male. This metaphorically reflects how the male guards and protects his partner till the end. The petals and calyx remain united till the end, even after they fall, standing for eternity.

In Japan, the flower is highly revered, symbolizing divinity, primarily used during religious ceremonies and other auspicious occasions. It even reflects the ushering of spring, standing for everlasting youth and vibrance.

As per the Korean culture, camellia is synonymous with longevity, and faithfulness, being an integral part of their wedding.

During the Victorian period, in England, the flower meant admiration. When the sender gave a bunch of camellia to the recipient, it meant that the latter was adored by the former.

In the United States, camellia is Alabama’sAlabama’s state flower epitomizing beauty and grace. 

What Do the Different Colors of Camellia Symbolize

Camellia comes in several attractive colors like white, red, pink, yellow, purple, etc. Each of the flowers has a symbolic meaning. Knowing what they mean would help choose the apt flower according to the occasion.


White camellias have diverse meanings meaning a lot of things. As it stands for pure love that a mother and her child share, gifting them to your mom on Mother’s Day or her birthday would indeed be a unique way to show how much you love her. Like other white flowers, this one also associates with mourning that could be taken to a funeral or even during someone’s condolence meet.  You could gift a bunch of these to your father, son, or husband to succeed in an endeavor, as white camellias bring in good luck, especially when gifted to a male.

The white camellia had been significantly portrayed in Harper Lee’sLee’s To Kill A Mockingbird symbolizing innocence, simplicity, hope, and even prejudice.

When to gift these: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, funeral, memorial services, and also while wishing someone good luck.


Red means passion, desire, and a sense of longing, and camellias of this shade mean no different. So to make your feelings evident to someone you adore or to assure your partner of your love towards him or her, what could be more perfect than these fantastic flowers.

When to gift these: Valentine’s Day, anniversary, spouse of partner’s birthday


Pink camellia walks on similar lines as their red counterparts. They also stand for passionate love and desire, often given to someone close to let him or her know how much you missed them. So greeting your spouse with pink camellias on their return after a long trip is an excellent way to tell how much you missed them. Like the color, pink camellias also remain connected with feminism, giving them to your girl pal to celebrate your friendship.

When to gift these: Valentine’s Day, Woman’s Day, Friendship Day, as a ‘I Miss You’ gesture to your loved ones


Though not too familiar like the other flowers, yellow camellia means positivity and good luck. Giving someone who is a little down the weather, these lovely flowers would for sure brighten their mood.

When to gift these:  To wish someone ”Good luck” or ”Get well soon”

Presenting your loved ones these beautiful flowers, whatever the purpose or occasion may it be, would indeed give them immense happiness. Because of their bright colors and thick glossy leaves, they are the star of any table arrangement or home décor.

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