Jasmine Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Jasmine Flower Mean

Jasmine, known for its soothing fragrance, is an epitome of sensuality, beauty, and purity. It has a divine aspect associated with it, as its name derives from ‘Yasmin,’ a Persian word, meaning God’s gift. Besides the overall symbolism, its meaning varies from one country to the other. In Thailand, the flower signifies respect and love since it stands for motherhood. In the Philippines, it is mostly bestowed upon dignitaries, and high-esteemed people since respect and honor are the attributes associated with it.

In India, particularly among the Hindus, jasmine is synonymous with good luck, often worn by the womenfolk as hair accessories. Pakistan regards it as their national flower, with brides and grooms wearing jasmine and rose garlands during the wedding.  Going far Europe, particularly in Italy, these lovely flowers represent purity. 

What Do the Different Colors of Jasmine Symbolize

Jasmines come in pretty colors from white to red, yellow to blue, each having a significance of its own. To know which jasmine to give on what occasion, here is your guide.


With the qualities of innocence and purity associated with it, white jasmine is a perfect flower to take to one’s wedding or baptism ceremony. They even mean respect, so giving a bunch of them to the one you admire would be a perfect illustration of your feelings. Decorating your interiors with these fresh flowers to commemorate any auspicious occasion would take your home’s beauty to another level for sure.

When to gift these: Wedding, baptism ceremony, or on any religious occasions, or even on birthdays of someone you adore and respect


Yellow jasmines mean positivity, ideal for spreading hope and happiness in one’s life. These flowers would serve as a perfect choice for celebrating your friendship with your pal or while wishing someone luck or a speedy recovery.

When to gift these: Friendship day, or even as a “get well soon” or “all the best” gesture


Blue jasmine is all about trust and loyalty, so giving these flowers to the one you have deep faith in, like a loyal friend or kin, would further validate your feelings.

When to gift these: Friendship day, or on any special occasion where you need to express your belief or trust in someone


Like the color itself, pink jasmines also have a close relationship with femininity, further symbolizing the emotions of romance and affection. So to let that important woman in your life know how beautiful and charming she is, you may gift her bunch of these lovelies on her special day.

When to gift these: Woman’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries


Red jasmines mean love and passion. So, they would be ideal enough to give your beau on Valentine’s Day, especially if you are looking for an alternative to rose.

When to gift these: Valentine’s Day


Puprle flowers have the qualities of nobility and royalty associated with them. So when you have an esteemed guest at home or if you want to let ‘that special one’ know how important they are in your life, these purple jasmines would be apt.

When to gift these: As a ‘welcome’ or ‘farewell’ gift to guests

Giving your near and dear ones or perhaps an acquaintance jasmines on a particular occasion would surely make them feel loved and special. They would even add an extra charm to any table arrangement when included along with other flowers like roses.

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