Baby’s Breath Meaning and Symbolism

What Does The Baby’s Breath Flower Mean

With their gorgeous white hue, baby’s breath has gained immense popularity as filler flowers, making their way into most bouquets and flower arrangements since the 1990s. Their delicate, graceful, and poised look makes them an epitome of innocence, and purity, just as seen in a baby.

These pretty flowers also stand for love that never dies and lasts forever.  No wonder they stand ideal for wedding gifts or decoration since they symbolize the purity of thoughts a couple must have among themselves when solemnizing nuptial ties. 

The other meaning of the flower is self-discipline, connected to an individual’s ability to devote their life to aspects more important than their own selves.

What Do the Different Colors of Baby’s Breath Symbolize

Baby’s breath comes in several enticing colors, white being the commonest of them all. These elegant flowers are mostly given for baby showers and weddings, amongst other occasions. However, each shade has a special significance knowing which would help you choose which baby breath to give when.


Baby’s breath symbolizes innocence and the white ones glorify the meanings even further, epitomizing purity and freshness. Besides making for a beautiful wedding flower, they even make for a perfect baby shower. These lovely flowers also serve as a great gift to welcome newborns, especially a combination of white and pink if it is a girl.

When to gift these: Wedding, baby showers, the celebration of childbirth, or even during any auspicious occasion


Pink alludes to feminism, and the baby’s breath flower of this color is no exception indeed. The softness of this shade makes it a symbol of soft, gentle love. So to express your feeling for anyone whom you adore or feel a little differently, these pink flowers would stand more than apt. They would do perfectly well when given to a new mom who delivered a girl child or even to a mom-to-be of a pretty princess.

When to gift these: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, especially if you intend to convey your feelings to your crush, baby shower, as a congratulatory on the birth of a girl child


Blue is the other name for loyalty, respect, honesty, and trust, and baby breaths of this color mean the same. You can present a bunch of blue baby breath’s to the one you respect and trust immensely, like your mentor, teacher, or anyone else. On Father’s Day, you could also gift some of these flowers to your dad just to let him know the high regard you have for him. Like the pink ones, they are given on baby showers or to celebrate a male child’s birth.

When to gift these: Father’s Day, baby shower, Teacher’s Day


Yellow baby breaths stand for joy and positivity, so to spread happiness among your kith and kin, gifting them these lovelies would indeed be perfect. Keeping a few yellow baby breaths as a part of your floral arrangement will surely enhance your home’s brightness. To boost up a pal or acquaintance in a not-so-good mood, what more can be significant than these fantastic yellow flowers.

When to gift these: As a “Cheer up” or “Get Well Soon” gesture

Irrespective of the reason they are given, these unique flowers will undoubtedly spread their aura around, enhancing the joyousness of the occasion to the fullest. They would make their mark felt in a table arrangement, even if sitting amidst other flowers.

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