Aster Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Aster Flower Mean

Aster translates to star in Greek mythology, rightly justifying the flower’s appearance, mainly its star-shaped head. There indeed goes a long story behind the aster flower’s creation, after the Greek goddess of innocence Astraea. Her tears that fell on the ground when she cried because of fewer stars in the dark sky eventually turned into these pretty star-shaped flowers.

Another story associated with its creation is that it bloomed when the stardust scattered by Virgo on Mother Earth settled. For this reason, perhaps it is even the birth flower for September borns.

This elegant and gorgeous flower epitomizes love even more because it was referred to as Venus’s herb,  used in making love potions.

Another Greek lore mentions that when the Athenian king Aegeus wrongly received the news of his son Theseus’ death, the former killed himself out of grief. The aster flowers bloomed in the area that had become red with his precious blood.

It holds various significance in different cultures. Like, in France, aster bouquets adorned the soldiers’ graves, who became martyrs in battles, representing the survivors’ earnest desire for the futile struggle to end.

 As per a Cherokee legend, aster has an association with two young girls seeking shelter in the woods to escape the warring tribes. When they asked a herb woman for help, the latter foresaw their impending danger, turning them to flowers. The girl wearing a blue dress with fringes was the first to transform into an aster flower.

Victorians considered it a symbol of charm, daintiness, and patience. At the same time, the Germans and British perceived them as flowers with magical powers. The perfume prepared from the burnt leaves of aster could drive serpents away, making the flower all the more mystical.

Besides the above symbolisms, aster alludes to good luck and even hope, as metaphorically portrayed by Robert Frost in “A Late Walk,” one of his famous poems.

What Do the Different Colors of Aster Symbolize

Aster comes in several soothing colors, from the commonest shades like lilac or purple to red, blue, white, pink, and yellow. Each has a unique symbolism, given on different occasions.  These flowers associate with September bringing good luck and charm when given to those whose birthdays fall on that month. They are even an ideal 20th-anniversary flower.


It signifies royalty and wisdom. You could always welcome a highly esteemed guest home by giving him purple asters to show your high regard for him. These flowers would stand apt indeed to show your admiration and adoration towards your mentor or even someone with high wisdom and intelligence.

When to gift these:  Birthdays, 20th anniversaries, Teacher’s Day, to an honorable guest as a ‘Welcome’ gesture


Pink aster symbolizes daintiness, elegance, and grace, alongside love and being sensitive towards others. So, to show your kith and kin how much you love and care for them, a bunch of these lovelies would be fantastic. The occasion could be anything from birthdays to Mother’s Day, Woman’s Day to Valentine’s Day.

When to gift these: Anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentines Days


Red means romance and passion, and to tell the closest person how much you love and care, what more could you give than wonderful asters of this color.

When to gift these: Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays


White stands for innocence, purity, peace, and divinity, and asters of this color entirely signify these qualities. While going to a wedding, a white aster bouquet for the newlywed would indeed be a great way to wish them lifelong happiness and bliss. You could also decorate your home with these charming white flowers on any auspicious occasion to enhance the interiors’ serenity and charm.

When to gift these: Wedding, anniversaries,and also to decorate your home on any special occasion 


Yellow is the other name for positivity, and like all other flowers of this color, aster, too, replicates the same meaning. Gifting yellow asters to someone, not in a good frame of mind would help to brighten their mood to a great extent. You could even take these flowers while visiting an ailing friend or acquaintance to wish them well.

When to gift these: Birthdays, as a ‘Take Care’ or ‘Get Well Soon’ gesture

Whatever may be the reason or occasion, giving these gorgeous asters to your near and dear ones as a token of love would for sure add to their happiness. These flowers would also take your home décor to another level when you include them as a part of your table arrangement.

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