Anemone Flower Meaning & Symbolism

What Does the Anemone Flower Mean

The gorgeous anemones symbolize a lot of things and come with several contrasting meanings. Firstly, Anemone comes from the portmanteau “anemos” and “one” meaning wind and daughter in Greek, translating to “daughter of the wind.” Legend has it that Anemone a nymph, and Zephyr, the wind god ended up loving each other. But, Zephyr’s wife Chloris outrageously not just banished Anemone but even transformed her into a flower. Though Zephyr had lost interest in her then, Boreas, another wind god, fell for her in her flower form though she never reciprocated. He would blow her petals open in spring in a fit of rage, making them decay prematurely. Since then, the flower went on to symbolize forsaken love.

Their English name, windflower, has resulted from the notion that the wind blows them open and even sways their petals away.

As per Greek mythology, the flower, particularly the red ones, are symbolic of abandoned love and even death. They sprung from the tears shed by Aphrodite on her beloved Adonis’ death, who was killed by the latter’s ex-lover.  On the other hand, Christians regard red anemones as Christ’s blood that he had shed when crucified.

Victorians considered anemones fragile and thought on the same lines as the Greeks, considering them a symbol of forbidden love. In Egypt and China, it represented illness, while in Europe, it was used as a shield to protect one against disease and ill luck.

 Since they close at night and open in the morning, these flowers even signify anticipation of something positive to happen.

What Do the Different Colors of Anemone Symbolize

The 120 varieties of anemones come in many shades from red to pink, blue to violet, and many more. Here is a guide to help you understand the color you may accordingly choose based on the occasion.


Red has always been linked to love, passion, and vibrance, but anemones of this color deviate from the actual meaning. As they are related to death, these flowers are apt for a funeral or a memorial service of a loved one or acquaintance. Taking this while heading for a Christmas lunch or any religious occasion would also be the right choice as red anemones symbolize Christ’s blood.

You can also decorate your home on any special occasion with these pretty red anemones disregarding what it means.

When to gift these: Funerals, and memorial service 


Pink anemones mean near the same as the red ones. Besides taking a bunch of these along for condolence meet, you could adorn your vases with them due to the elegance they carry.

When to gift these: Funerals and condolence meet, and also for home decoration


Anemones stand for anticipation, and the blue flowers express this quality more vividly. So, now you know who to gift them to. If going to meet or welcome someone whose arrival you have been anticipating, a bunch of blue anemones would indeed be a perfect gesture.

Certain cultures even considered it as a mark of protection against evil. Thus, if your family’s safety and wellbeing are bothering you at the moment, fill in your vase with a few of these flowers.

When to gift these: As a good luck charm, or welcome gesture to someone you care for


Innocence and simplicity have their association with white. In Eastern cultures, white anemones were regarded as funeral flowers as a mark of respect for the departed soul. Besides this, they could even serve as mere home decorations for any auspicious occasions since pure is the other name for white.

When to gift these:  Funerals, religious ceremonies   


Purple is synonymous with beauty, honor, extravagance, and royalty. Anemones of this color also mean the same. So, as a token of hospitality to an esteemed guest, a purple anemone bouquet would indeed be significant enough. The rest of the purpose of gifting a purple anemone is similar to the blue ones as it also means anticipation and protection against all adversities.

When to gift these:  On special occasions like weddings, as a welcome gift to someone whom you were expecting, as a lucky charm to your kith and kin


If you want to spread happiness and positivity to your loved ones, then g a yellow anemone bunch would serve your purpose. Decorating your home or entrance with these lovelies would also be a fabulous choice. So while meeting an ailing friend or someone who is not in the best of their spirits, you know what to take to cheer them up.

When to gift these: Housewarming, birthdays, as a get well soon gesture, or to boost someone’s mood

These bright, beautiful flowers have contrasting meanings, symbolizing positivity, and despair at the same time. The receiver would, for sure, go gaga on receiving these magnificent flowers for any occasion. Their unique appearance also makes them a perfect pick for a floral arrangement. 

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