Forget Me Not Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Forget Me Not Flower Mean

The colorful, forget me not flowers stand for many things from true selfless love to remembrance, affection to care. The credit goes to the Germans for coining its colloquial name “forget me not,” and they have associated a fascinating melancholy tale of love and dejection with it.

Two lovers came across these pretty blue blossoms while walking past the Danube River. They were so amazed by its beauty that the man wasted no time trying to pluck the flowers for his lady love. Unfortunately, in doing so, he was swayed away by the water, losing his life. In his last moments, he made an ardent plea to his beloved to not forget him, and his lady religiously adhered to his wish by wearing the flowers on her hair till her death. Though a folk lore, this is perhaps how the flower went on to allude to remembrance, bearing testimony of eternal love and even faithfulness.

The flower has also been used to represent other vital aspects. For instance, the Alzheimer’s Society uses these fresh flowers as their icon, particularly for raising awareness among people and urging one to support those in need.

What Do the Different Colors of Forget Me Not Symbolize

Besides blue, which is the typical shade of these flowers, they come in vibrant colors like white, pink, yellow, and purple. Each of them has a special significance of their own, and knowing them would undoubtedly help choose the right color for the appropriate occasion.


Blue forget me not associates with memory and remembrance, an ideal flower to take for a memorial service or condolence meet. You could even wear it as a broach or boutonniere to commemorate the doleful occasion.

When to gift these: Memorial service, condolence meet


The purple forget me not has a historical significance symbolizing respect towards the several people who was ruthlessly killed in the 1915 American Genocide. Like its blue variant, it too stands for memory and reminiscing the departed.

When to gift these: Memorial service


White means purity and innocence, and forget me not of this color has a noble meaning indeed, symbolizing care and charity towards the lesser privileged. So, on your way to an orphanage, you could bundle up a few white forget me not flowers and give them to the kids there to show you care. However, a few of these white flowers would even serve as a cool interior decoration when arranged perfectly in a vase in one corner of your room.

When to gift these: On any occasion where you are showing your care and support to the lesser fortunate


These pink flowers represent romantic love, so you know what to gift your better half or partner this Valentine’s Day, especially if you desire to deviate from giving red flowers that are quite a common norm.

When to gift these: Valentine’s Day, on your partner’s birthday, or whenever you want to express your love for your significant other

Forget me not flowers with their fantastic range of colors would indeed be a joyous pleasure to the receiver no matter on what the occasion may be. Their elegance and charm make them the show stealer of any table decoration.

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