Gardenia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Gardenia Flower Mean

When it comes to choosing a flower that could bear the exotic charm and magnificence of a rose, gardenia always ranks numero uno. A few of the several symbolisms associated with it include clarity, purity, renewal, hope, and trust. Because of its intensely charming beauty, this flower, particularly the white ones, has been popularly used in weddings since time immemorial.

The symbolism of gardenia differs from one country to the other. Like, in France, it is mostly bestowed upon a kin or loved one on any special occasion. On the other hand, in England, it considered a good luck charm. Famous jazz singer of the 1930s, Billy Holiday always wore these pretty gardenias on her hair during a performance. These flowers proved lucky for her, giving her a completely different image.

What Do the Different Colors of Gardenia Symbolize

White is the most prominent color of this flower, though it can also come in other shades like red, pink, and pale yellow. The guide given here would for sure help you to choose the specific shade of the flower going by the occasion.


White has always been synonymous with purity and innocence, and gardenias of this color walk on similar lines. So consider taking a bunch of gardenias along to someone’s wedding or even decorating your interiors with them when there is a marriage in the household.

Giving it to someone you would want to bury the hatchet with will be a perfect gesture to restore peace. You may also gift them to your better half to validate the pure relationship you share.

Since the white ones also associate themselves with a fresh beginning, you could present these flowers to someone who is set to turn over a new leaf, wishing them luck.

When to gift these: Weddings, baptism ceremonies, housewarming 


Red symbolizes love and passion, and red gardenias mean precisely the same color, though it is more given to express one’s, secret love. If unable to be vocal about your feelings towards someone, present a lovely red gardenia bouquet, and that would say it all. Not just love, these flowers are also an excellent way to express mutual respect and admiration that you may have for a certain individual.

When to gift these: Valentine’s Day or on any other occasion, to express love


Like red, the yellow flowers also symbolize secret or untold love, besides standing for happiness, positivity, and friendship. You could put in a few yellow gardenias in a bunch of red ones and give it to the person you secretly admire. He or she would undoubtedly keep guessing about what your true intentions are.

When to gift these: While expressing your love for someone, to cheer up a friend who is in a foul mood or on any happy occasion

These fabulous gardenias would surely enthrall one with their grace and charm, no matter what occasions you give them. They would even be the charm of any table decoration, intensifying the interior’s beauty to the fullest.

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