Hibiscus Meaning & Symbolism

What Does the Hibiscus Flower Mean

Hibiscus because of its elegant beauty and charm, is loaded with feminine attributes. Its association with different cultures worldwide since time immemorial is symbolic indeed.

In North America, these flowers epitomized a perfect woman, mostly gifted to ladies who stood out among their clan in beauty and virtue.

The Victorians regarded hibiscus as a symbol of glory, gifting it only to those who were worthy enough and outshone others with their skill and talent.

In India, hibiscus is considered auspicious in Hindu culture, offered to Goddess Kali, who represents empowerment and strength, and Lord Ganesha for prosperity and peace.

The Chinese regard it as a symbol of glory, splendor, and fame, giving it to females and even males on special occasions. The Japanese deem it as a gentle flower, presenting it to visitors as a mark of hospitality. While, to the Koreans, it stands for mortality.

Hibiscus has a special significance in the Hawaiian Islands, with the yellow variant being its national flower. Tourists visiting the Island are often gifted a hibiscus necklace or wreath as a welcome gesture. While state officials are also honored with this flower during special ceremonies or occasions as it also implicates reverence and power. As a mark of respect to their state, Hawaiians often adorn hibiscus flower tattoos.

What Do the Different Colors of Hibiscus Symbolize

There are over 200 hibiscus species coming in a wide range of attractive colors from red to yellow, pink to white.

You may not gift a hibiscus as frequently as a rose, yet if you have decided on something out-of-the-box, then knowing what each color means would help you choose the appropriate shade.


Red is synonymous with love and passion. If you want to replace those pretty red roses with something unique to profess your love for your partner, then the red hibiscus would be no less perfect. 

When to gift these: Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or your partner’s birthdays


Purple’s association with royalty is not unknown, and hibiscus of this color exactly means the same. Giving guests purple hibiscus is perhaps a nice gesture. As it even symbolizes knowledge, it is a perfect gift a mentor or student can give each other to express their mutual admiration.

When to gift these: Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, and even as a welcome gift to guests


Hibiscus is all about feminism, and pink, on the whole, symbolizes this quality a degree more. A bunch of pink hibiscus makes for a beautiful friendship day gift you can give your dearest girl pals to express how much you care for and love them. Your mom would for sure be overwhelmed to receive these pretty pink beauties on her special day.

When to gift these: Woman’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day


The yellow hibiscus is about joy, happiness, and positivity, perfect for giving those you love and care for, like an ailing friend or someone in need of emotional comfort. Your kith and kin, set to attend a job interview or any challenging endeavor, would also feel encouraged on receiving these flowers as a good luck charm.

When to gift these: “As a get well soon” or “All the best” gesture to boost someone’s spirit


Representing beauty, purity, and feminism, white hibiscus is a great way to let your lady love know how beautiful and exceptional she is. While decorating your home for a wedding or any auspicious occasion, adding few stalks of white hibiscus to the flower vase would enhance the serenity of the surrounding.

When to gift these: Weddings, anniversaries, or on your girlfriend or wife’s birthdays

No matter what occasion it may be, a gift in the form of hibiscus flowers would anyhow leave the recipient enthralled. With their magnificent colors, these gorgeous flowers make for a fabulous table arrangement when placed in small glass vases.

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