Hyacinth Meaning & Symbolism

What Does the Hyacinth Flower Mean

The highly aromatic, bell-shaped hyacinth flower comes with contrasting meanings. It stands for sincerity and constancy, and at the same time, represents jealousy, mainly because of the history associated with its naming.

As the Greek mythology would have it, the sun and west wind gods, Apollo and Zephyr were always at loggerheads to win the young Greek lad, Hyakinthos’ attention. On a certain day, Hyakinthos was learning the art of throwing a discus from Apollo.  Zephyr, irked at this sight, blew a strong wind in Apollo’s direction, upon which the discus raced towards the little boy killing him instantly. Amidst the blood scattered everywhere bloomed a flower that a grieving Apollo named hyacinth in the loving memory of his favorite boy. 

What Do the Different Colors of Hyacinth Symbolize

Hyacinth comes in over 20 different varieties, available in enticing colors like deep blue, pretty pink, gorgeous purple, soothing white and vibrant yellow.

When you want to gift a bunch of hyacinths to a loved one or adorn your vase with it, you would perhaps be in two minds on which color to choose. So here’s your guide to help you select the perfect shade according to the occasion.


Elegant and stunning, purple hyacinths primarily stands for forgiveness and regret, that often arise when you are going through the repentance of hurting someone. So if you are sorry and sorrowful for your deeds and mean it, then gifting these flowers would indeed be a perfect choice. 

When to gift these: As an ‘I am sorry’ message to someone whom you have gravely hurt


Cool as the color blue itself, these hyacinths epitomize sincerity and faithfulness. Gifting these to your loved ones on their special days would help you express how committed and dutiful you are to them.

When to gift these: Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, or on any other occasion where you wish to express your sincerest good wishes


One of yellow’s various symbolisms is it advocates jealousy, and hyacinths of this color exactly mean the same. So, gifting it to your ex’s partner on their wedding day would not be a bad idea, provided he or she is unaware of what it means, lest you could land up facing the music.

When to gift these: On weddings, to someone on their promotions, or to any one else whom you envy, yet cannot portray your feelings in the open.

However, besides this negative message that they carry, these make for a great addition to your vase, sitting gracefully in one corner of your home.


When love is in the air, celebrate it with these vibrant red hyacinths due to their association with romance and passion. A candlelight Valentine’s Day dinner in honor of your spouse would for sure be incomplete without these gorgeous flowers gracing every corner of your home.

When to gift these: Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries


As pure, innocent, and divine as the color itself, white hyacinths are perfect for weddings or any religious occasion. It is even associated with prayers and good wishes for someone’s well being. The next time you go to see someone who is not in the pink of their health physically or mentally, you know what to take along to boost their spirits.

When to gift these: Wedding, Baptism, anniversaries, or even when wishing someone ‘get well soon’ or ‘good luck’.


A woman’s fascination with pink is no secret, and hyacinths of this shade are great to give them on any of their special days. You could also carry a bouquet of pink hyacinth along to a friend’s party when you are also set to have a blast as these flowers even mean play and fun.

When to gift these: Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, birthdays, fun parties

Hyacinths are wonderful to express an intense range of emotions, from saying sorry to expressing your love or admiration.  Not to forget, these long-stalked flowers would be the star attraction of any décor, be it your home, wedding, or any other special occasion.

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