Wisteria Meaning & Symbolism

What Does the Wisteria Flower Mean

The bluish-purple wisteria has a significantly longer life, thriving for more than 100 years, symbolizing longevity, immortality, and eternal wisdom.

The flower has its association with good luck. In Chinese culture, exchanging them when making marriage plans is considered a lucky charm.

In Buddhism, wisteria symbolizes prayer. The spiral pattern in which it grows replicates the Buddhist’s spiraling prayer method of unfolding one’s consciousness to explore the divine.

These flowers also exemplify self-exploration and expansion in the manner in which they drape their surrounding landscape. Wisteria brings the freshness and vibrance of spring along with it since it blossoms then, metaphorically symbolizing new life and even a fresh beginning. The way it stands tall bearing all adversities coming in its way, wisteria is the other name for endurance.

What Do the Different Colors of Wisteria Symbolize

In the wild, light purple is wisteria’s standard color. However, due to several cross-breeding techniques, wisteria comes in different attractive colors, starting from pink to white, pale blue to deep violet. Each color has a symbolism of its own, and the guide that follows would help you decide which one to choose for a particular occasion.


Blue wisteria means a new beginning, so gift someone close to you a bunch of these, wishing them well if they are planning a fresh start professionally or personally.

Motherhood means stepping into a new world altogether. These cool blue flowers would be perfect for a new mommy, especially of a boy, since many associate blue with the masculine gender.

When to gift these: Baby shower, housewarming party, or to wish someone “good luck” for their new business venture


Pink equals romance and cuteness, and that is all that wisterias of this color mean. To let your spouse know how special she is to you, a pink wisteria bouquet on Valentine’s Day would indeed be unique. Gifting these to someone you feel for but haven’t been able to express could perhaps be an excellent idea since pink wisteria also means blossoming love.

Pink is a girl’s color, so decorating your home with these lovely flowers on your daughter’s birthday or gifting it to the mommy of a newborn girl would be perfect.

When to gift these: Mother’s Day,baby shower, anniversaries, birthdays


Like the color itself, white wisteria stands for innocence and purity. Giving it to someone at their wedding or even decorating your indoors with them would be great on any auspicious occasion.

When to gift these: Wedding or during any religious ceremony

With their soothing fragrance, these marvelous flowers are a perfect gift for any occasion, from birthdays to weddings and baby showers to housewarming parties. It would also be the star of any flower arrangement with its gorgeous look, with the bluish-purple cascades spreading its magnificence throughout.

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